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Transfer Service

We put our skills and experience at your disposal, as well as a wide selection of services to meet all you need. Just a phone call and we will offer you the right solution to arrive safely at your destination. If you want to book a tour with your friends and don't feel like driving, this service is for you. Call us to arrange a transfer from an Italian city or from one of the main airports. If you have a special request, please tell us what option you are thinking about and we will offer you a quote in a short time.


Bike E-Bike Rental
& Mechanic Service

 Together with our partner Bicisport Ivrea, we offer a Bike Rental with the best range of Specialized, Turbo Levo and Status including helmets and protection for bike park and mechanic service.

Cervinia Rental is normally open from June to September. 

If you need to rent a bike during Cervinia off season, you can contact Bicisport ivrea all year round 012540348

Contact us for more information or click on the button below; we will be happy to give all the information you need.


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Bike Rental
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