Liguria 5 Terre

Indisputably one of the most iconic coastal areas in Italy

In the incredible scenery of the Cinque Terre and the Apuan Alps tours designed for all "tastes".

We will cover paths of all kinds, from flow to the most technical, all in the midst of unique mountain ranges, always on the coast and with a view of the sea.


The Apuan Alps with its famous marble quarries overlooking the sea of Tuscany will test all bikers, days "up and down" until the end.  This is a place where food, culture, and trails intersect with the ride.


Cinque Terre is recognized as a cultural heritage by UNESCO and offers a network of trails in Ligurian style, we will visit the coast of the natural park and ride along its trails, and we will have a boat shuttle service to return to the base at the end of the day.

Plan a trip for a week or a day and experience this iconic location with your mountain bike!  Every trip 


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La Rocchetta is a wild hill that divides the Gulf of Poets from the Valley of the Lean.  Located 5 minutes from Lerici and San Terenzo; this area is covered in trails making the perfect location a stage of the 2019 Italian SuperEnduro championship. After a short transfer we will climb to the top from where we can enjoy Ligurian trails with a descent to the beautiful village of Tellaro on the sea.

Distance 13 km


Alta Via delle Cinque Terre

An incredible All-Mountain itinerary of singletrack dreams that follows the ridge that divides the 5 Terre from the mainland; with many ups and downs in the middle of chestnut trees and Mediterranean scrub we  will arrive above Monterosso and Levanto where we will arrive with exciting traces.

Distance 28 km



After a 45 minute transfer, we will arrive in the Deiva area for a day-long ride through various paths with breathtaking views. This one of most popular rides and wildest locations in the area.

Distance 26 km


Brugiana e Monte Belvedere

With a short journey, you are just above Massa Carrara close to the Apuan Alps. This area is full of beautiful and popular single track that is managed and maintained by the association WeastCoastTrail.  For more trained groups you can reach the top of Mount Belvedere with about twenty minutes of portage, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view from the sea to the Apuan Alps.

Distance 28 km


Portovenere e la Palmaria

A day by the sea with technical singletrack from the Alta Via will take us to the beautiful Portovenere.  After we will take a  spectacular transfer on a catamaran by sea to Palmaria island.  There are plenty of trails on the wild island to explore.

Distance 13 km



A 50 minutes transfer will take us to the Tuscan heartland near the Apuan Alps, in Lunigiana. Spend a day riding between medieval villages nestled in the green hills connected by old roads and single track.

Distance 25 Km