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Finale Ligure

Liguria is a wild and mountainous land to be explored.
Finale Ligure is the homeland of mountain biking known all over the world, thanks also to international events such as the EWS, where the best riders from around the world compete every year.
With its mild climate, Finale Ligure, it is frequented all year round by riders from all over the world.
Here, It all started years ago from the passion of some local riders who started cleaning the natural trails for their enjoyment. Today each inlet or relief hides some trails both uphill and downhill with various terrains from dirt to rocky or with sharp stones, wavy bottoms, roots and tight curves, in the midst of shrubs or breathtaking views of the sea: pure fun for all tastes from Mtb to e-bike.
Let's not forget the 24h ring much loved by cyclists. Starting from Le Manie, you will arrive at panoramic points such as Capo Noli and Torre delle Streghe, natural terraces overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Here the bottom alternates from hard beaten to rocky and choppy with banks and parabolic curves for a super fun ending.


Enduro Tour & Technique

Finale ligure mtb guide

Enduro Tour

We organize Tour based on your riding level with mtb or e-bike, through the most beautiful and well known trail of Finale Ligure.
Shuttle in the morning to ride the whole day with our guides.
More than 120 trail  from flow to more technical (Roller Coaster, Dh Men, Cromagnon, Ingeniere and more...)
The end of the day will be with a cold beer or italian ice cream (gelato).
More info? Don't be shy, click down below!


Finale Ligure mtb

Mtb/Enduro Technique

Mountain biking is your new passion?
Wheather you are starting or you do this since a while, you can learn or improve your mtb skills, in one of the best place in the world: Finale Ligure.
With our istructor you will learn /improve your up and down hill skills, how to make turn and much more, inf different conditions and trail. 
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